They Have an Experienced Service Department

Wherever you buy your car, it should always come with a service package — particularly a discounted one. This demonstrates the dealer’s commitment to the vehicle.

But a great dealer’s service package is more than a promise tacked onto the end of your agreement. A great dealer’s service package should include experienced staff and excellent service.

So when you ask about your car’s service package, ask a few questions about the dealership’s staff. Then make sure their mobile and online service is up to date.  And finally, ask about protection plans for aftermarket products

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How to Find A Good Used Car: Simple Websites

The internet offers you a great advantage as a buyer. You can look into the history of a dealership, as well as their selection and their transparency practices for used cars.

With most dealerships launching their own websites, you can get a peek into their commitment to honesty firsthand. For transparency, there’s no greater tell than a website.

If a dealer is committed to honesty, their website should be simple and full of the necessary information. You should be able to find out about the buying process — and get started on getting approved right away. 

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How to Find a Highly Accountable Car Dealer

When you look for a car, you should always look for a dealer that’s been around for awhile. The longer a dealer has been around, the more proof you’ll have that they stay accountable to their customers and their community.

But while every business is held accountable for the quality of its services and products, a company that stays committed to its community leaves you with the satisfaction of knowing you’re giving back with your purchase and continued patronage.

That’s why you should look for a car dealer that serves its community with more than good…

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How to Use Car Dealership Reviews to Your Advantage

Most of today’s savvy customers know to check the online reviews before heading over to a restaurant or a hotel. With any product or service, it’s important to do the research and find out what other real customers have to say.

If those reviews are going to do you any good, though, you have to use them to your advantage.

To check for high-quality reviews, you should first look for what customers have to say about service. Customers are zipping around town, looking at a number of different deals, and won’t think to write a review unless…

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Maintenance Plans — For Used Cars That Act Like New

If you know how to look, you’ll be able to find a dealership that tells you everything about your car before you buy it. But a great dealership keeps your car running well after you buy it — and makes it convenient, too.

A great dealership has as much invested in your new car as you do. And it’s easy to spot one of these dealerships. They know your car’s maintenance is an essential part of its longevity — especially if it’s used. So if they truly want to give you the best value on the car, they…

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The Importance of History When Choosing A Car Dealer

Usually, our purchasing decisions are made on instinct. But when you’re looking for a used car, it’s common practice to look twice — or three times — before taking the plunge.

Take the guesswork out of looking for a dealership: what you should look for is a mixture of experience, flexibility, and history.

When you’re looking for a used car, you want to look past the smoke and mirrors of a flashy, new business. But you don’t want anything too old fashioned, either.

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How to Spot an Honest Used Car Dealer

A dead giveaway for a shady dealership is lack of transparency. Plenty of car buyers are used to digging deep on the internet to look for more information on the car they’re interested in. In fact, most people think endless research is simply part of buying a used car.

But it doesn’t have to be.  If you know what to look for, you can find a dealership that shows you the cars you want — and is totally transparent about their past.

A transparent dealership wants you to be able to avoid long internet searches for the facts. 

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Looking for a Used Car? Find a Dealer With This

A great dealership keeps up with the times to offer the most convenient service. With hundreds of emails flooding our inboxes every day, a good car dealer cuts through the noise with a simple, easy-to-use method for both buying and maintaining your car — like an app.

A great dealership wants to provide a stellar experience for every driver, so look for a dealership with an app that offers plenty of shopping options and other benefits.

Apps for phone or tablet will provide you with an easier shopping experience as you search for the perfect used car. 

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How to Test Drive a Car on Mobile

The fast-paced, saturated online marketplace leaves car lovers with no shortage of places to window shop for cars.

But all too often, this market jerks buyers around. They waste time driving around to look at badly-maintained vehicles. Thankfully, with today’s wealth of technology, buyers can go to their car dealers armed with plenty of information about the vehicles.

When you look for a car, look for a dealer that gives you a “virtual test-drive”. This is shorthand for a thorough info page with plenty of pictures of the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

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The Only Car Pricing Model You Should Use

Dealerships love to create hype around their prices. But until the internet, there was no way to check whether or not there was any truth to the hype.

Now there is — and if you pick the right dealership, you won’t even have to do the research yourself. The key is to pick a dealership that uses Internet Marketing Value Pricing.

Internet Marketing Value Pricing determines what a car is worth based on data about all the other cars in your area. An effective use of this pricing model assesses every used car within a 250-mile radius for model, make…

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