Usually, our purchasing decisions are made on instinct. But when you’re looking for a used car, it’s common practice to look twice — or three times — before taking the plunge.

Take the guesswork out of looking for a dealership: what you should look for is a mixture of experience, flexibility, and history.

When you’re looking for a used car, you want to look past the smoke and mirrors of a flashy, new business. But you don’t want anything too old fashioned, either.

Determining the quality of a company based on its age can be a tricky business. A newer company might have more of the flashy tools and professional modern look — but often carries the risk of business practices not made to last. On the other hand, most people are afraid that older companies are not built for today’s fast-paced, technology-centric society.

So when you’re looking for a dealership, look for modern technology that actually serves you, first. Then, make sure that dealership has long-standing relationships with its customers, listens to their needs, and above all, has a stellar track record. To find these, look for a company that’s been around for years. Companies that serve their customers survive the longest.

But that customer connection means more than just great reviews. It also means that a dealership is flexible, and changes with the times. As customers ask for new tools  — like an app for their phone, better online searching tools, and maintenance tools that fit their busy lifestyle — a great dealership finds a way to make those changes to give their customers the best experience.

Accountability to the customers is how a great dealership gains the experience and history to stay around year after year.

A legacy dealership has flexibility, experience and a long history of staying accountable to customers. Look for a dealership with a history that indicates they’ve always listened to their customers — and the technology that proves they still do.

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