Wherever you buy your car, it should always come with a service package — particularly a discounted one. This demonstrates the dealer’s commitment to the vehicle.

But a great dealer’s service package is more than a promise tacked onto the end of your agreement. A great dealer’s service package should include experienced staff and excellent service.

So when you ask about your car’s service package, ask a few questions about the dealership’s staff. Then make sure their mobile and online service is up to date.  And finally, ask about protection plans for aftermarket products and accessories for the best value at point of sale.

First make sure your dealership’s service staff is factory trained. Factory trained staff are trained by the manufacturer of the car to provide fast and quality service. All of the dealership’s staff should be well-versed in every brand and model that is sold at the dealership.

Also make sure to check about online and mobile service support. You should be able to easily schedule your service online and through mobile. Quick responses, updates and reminders are essential for good maintenance and service.

These conveniences should be standard at a great dealership — not an expensive add-on. When you research service packages, watch for standard discounts and loyalty programs, Saturday service, courtesy shuttles, and loaner cars for big fixes.

You should also look for a dealership that offers protection plans for aftermarket products and accessories. Accessorizing your vehicle at the point of sale is the best way to get a good value out of your car, but not all dealerships include this feature, so be sure to find one that does. This strategy ensures the quality and longevity of your vehicle, and is a great way to tell which dealerships go above and beyond for their customers.

A final test for your dealership will be their commitment to you long after you leave the lot. A great dealership offers factory trained service staff, convenient and discounted service packages, and aftermarket accessories at the point of sale.

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