When you look for a car, you should always look for a dealer that’s been around for awhile. The longer a dealer has been around, the more proof you’ll have that they stay accountable to their customers and their community.

But while every business is held accountable for the quality of its services and products, a company that stays committed to its community leaves you with the satisfaction of knowing you’re giving back with your purchase and continued patronage.

That’s why you should look for a car dealer that serves its community with more than good cars and transparent practices. A great dealer will serve their community by giving back with every purchase.

A good dealership should sponsor local events and kids sports teams, as well as donating to volunteer fire departments, humane societies, and schools.

A dealership that is a true mainstay of the community goes a little further, and actively partners with the community to create lasting bonds on top of the financial support.

For a great example of a community partnership program, look to Shults Heroes. With Shults, buyers know that a percentage of their purchase is going directly back to the community via the Shults Heroes program.

Their money might go to finance arts, sports and computer programs at schools, or to support heroes at the local fire department or hospital. Wherever it goes, the know that they’re supporting their community through their purchase. And as they continue to work with their dealership, they get a continued sense of satisfaction.

So while you look for an honest, transparent dealer, make sure you pick one with the commitment to give back, too. Choose a dealership that invests in its community just as much as its customers. A great dealership program will have a partnership program that give back year-round.

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