A great dealership keeps up with the times to offer the most convenient service. With hundreds of emails flooding our inboxes every day, a good car dealer cuts through the noise with a simple, easy-to-use method for both buying and maintaining your car — like an app.

A great dealership wants to provide a stellar experience for every driver, so look for a dealership with an app that offers plenty of shopping options and other benefits.

Apps for phone or tablet will provide you with an easier shopping experience as you search for the perfect used car. They also introduce you to deals, promotions and rewards that can save you money — without cluttering up your inbox.

Looking for a new car with an app should be even easier than looking for a car on desktop, so you can scroll and research your favorites while you wait in line or hang out on the couch.

And communication with an app is easier with an app than any other method. A good dealer allows you to communicate quickly using an app. So you can request a quote or schedule a test drive at a moment’s notice, just with a tap.

But once you buy a vehicle, a great dealership’s app will continue to be useful. In fact, maintenance functionality is the most useful aspect of a car dealership app.

Most people see maintenance as a headache, but a great dealership wants you to get best use out of your car — so they’ll offer plenty of reminders, records, and organizational tools for your car maintenance.  On a good app, you’ll be able to save and sync your service history, schedule appointments, receive service reminders, pay via the app and even check on your car’s progress in the shop to see if it’s ready for pickup.

The best dealerships update their communication to be convenient on mobile — so make sure your dealer’s app lets you browse, receive coupons and maintain your car. It’ll save you time and money while getting you the best value on your car.

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