Dealerships love to create hype around their prices. But until the internet, there was no way to check whether or not there was any truth to the hype.

Now there is — and if you pick the right dealership, you won’t even have to do the research yourself. The key is to pick a dealership that uses Internet Marketing Value Pricing.

Internet Marketing Value Pricing determines what a car is worth based on data about all the other cars in your area. An effective use of this pricing model assesses every used car within a 250-mile radius for model, make, and pricing.

Of course, driving around in a 250-mile radius — or even searching online — would be a misuse of your time and energy.

Instead, find a dealer that wants to give you great value, and will use Internet Marketing Value Pricing to give you the very lowest price based on the cars in the surrounding area.

A great dealer will also include full transparency, even when they give you the lowest price. A free Vehicle History Report, like CARFAX or AUTOCHECK, should be included in your purchase. Honest dealers also provide a multi-point inspection of the vehicle before handing it off to a buyer, to make sure everyone is satisfied and that the car is safe.

Despite giving you the absolute lowest possible price, a great new or pre-owned car dealer further increases the value to the buyer by including incentives. A maintenance package should always be included with every new or pre-owned car you buy. Dealers who are committed to quality also include an engine warranty as an additional show of confidence in the quality of their vehicles and service.

To check your dealer’s prices, simply ask them if they use Internet Market Value Pricing. Because a good dealer will save you the trouble of finding the best price by automatically offering you the lowest deal in your area. And, remember — they should include engine warranties and maintenance packages on their vehicles, too.

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