Most of today’s savvy customers know to check the online reviews before heading over to a restaurant or a hotel. With any product or service, it’s important to do the research and find out what other real customers have to say.

If those reviews are going to do you any good, though, you have to use them to your advantage.

To check for high-quality reviews, you should first look for what customers have to say about service. Customers are zipping around town, looking at a number of different deals, and won’t think to write a review unless something really stands out — like excellent service and great interactions with dealership staff.

Look for reviews that mention the sales staff by name. If the sales staff are going above and beyond, that means the dealership treats them well. And if the sales staff are happy, the customers are even happier.

Of course, as a customer you want your purchase to make you happy.  But you want the sales staff to be truly invested — so you always feel comfortable asking questions and finding out what’s available.

You can also look at the reviews to see what other customers were happy with — and you can scour the reviews to see if they outline the deals they received. Then, you know which questions to ask your salesperson when you show up for your test drive.

Whatever you do, always check the reviews for a dealership before you visit in person. A great dealership has reviews from customers who are happy with the service and attention that they received.

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