The internet offers you a great advantage as a buyer. You can look into the history of a dealership, as well as their selection and their transparency practices for used cars.

With most dealerships launching their own websites, you can get a peek into their commitment to honesty firsthand. For transparency, there’s no greater tell than a website.

If a dealer is committed to honesty, their website should be simple and full of the necessary information. You should be able to find out about the buying process — and get started on getting approved right away. You should also be able to look into the history of the car easily.

First, look for the level of transparency your dealer has about their buying process. You should be able to find a clear outline of how vehicles are priced, as well as your options around financing and buying.

A high-quality website will also allow you to do some of the more annoying tasks online. Look for a dealer who allows you to get approved for financing online. That way, you won’t have to shuffle through paperwork after you’ve already completed your test drives and negotiating.

Another mark of a great dealership is total transparency on the product page — whether they’re describing the pricing, history of a used car, or service and maintenance package. Any rebates or recalls should be included on the info page for the vehicle, too.

Also be sure to look for dealers that include the Internet Market Value Pricing, so that you know that your vehicle is truly priced at the best value for your area.

Websites can tell you as much about a dealership as your experience at the brick and mortar location. Look for transparency on the features and history of the vehicles, financing, and make sure that your dealership features Internet Market Value Pricing.

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