If you know how to look, you’ll be able to find a dealership that tells you everything about your car before you buy it. But a great dealership keeps your car running well after you buy it — and makes it convenient, too.

A great dealership has as much invested in your new car as you do. And it’s easy to spot one of these dealerships. They know your car’s maintenance is an essential part of its longevity — especially if it’s used. So if they truly want to give you the best value on the car, they will give you a discount on the fundamental services you’ll need. And they’ll offer you service packages for your vehicle whether you buy it new or used.

As cars get updated, it’s more and more necessary to have specialized and certified mechanics — and your dealership should offer those services at a discounted price. A great dealership offers discounts on oil changes and tire rotations — something you should be doing every 3,000 to 7,000 miles.

Other services should be discounted and convenient, too. Look for automatic discounts on state inspections, maintenance safety checks, and shuttle services for those who can’t get dropped off at the mechanic.

Most of today’s drivers are busy shuttling kids back and forth from activities, or going to intense jobs, or just hustling around town. A good dealer knows how to make essential vehicle maintenance easy for drivers. Look for a dealer that has mobile integration, so that you can schedule your maintenance well ahead of time, and get reminders sent to your phone via an app.

The problem with car maintenance is that it seems like a chore  — but it really is essential to the longevity of your car. A great dealer offers a maintenance package. So you get discounts and frequent communication to keep your car running as well as the day you bought it.

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