New Vehicle Technology

In recent years, a lot of new terms have been floating around the auto industry that you might not recognize. Rapidly-developing digital and alternative technologies have produced many new phrases you'll hear when you're shopping for a new car. At Shults Auto Group we understand that many of these terms can be confusing. That's why we are here to help! Here's a list of the top four new vehicle technologies you should know.  


A hybrid car relies on both an electric engine and a traditional gasoline engine to optimize the vehicle's fuel efficiency while reducing the impact on the environment. Some vehicles even rely completely just on an electric engine. Hybrid vehicles help save drivers at the pump by providing up to an EPA estimated 60 mpg. Hybrid vehicles also tend to be more efficient during city driving than on the highway since the vehicle's electric engine is used more on city streets while the gasoline engine is often used more for highway cruising. Some of the most popular hybrid models include the Toyota Prius, Chevy Volt, Toyota Camry Hybrid, and Tesla Model 3.

Fuel Cell

Instead of electricity, fuel cell vehicles (FCV) rely on hydrogen as an alternative fuel source, using a special engine that produces simple water as an emission. With these lower greenhouse gas emissions, and a reduced dependence on oil, many see fuel cell vehicles as a way to help save our planet. The most famous example of a fuel cell vehicle on the market today is the Toyota Mirari. The down sides to Fuel Cell technology is that a FCV is more expensive than a standard vehicle or even a hybrid, and the number of hydrogen fuel stations are limited.

Autonomous Tech

Many people see self-driving cars as the way of the future. In fact, many auto makers such as Nissan, Google, Ford, Toyota, and more have been focused on developing this new technology. New features are being introduced now that are a part of this autonomous tech. May of these are features that will take control of vehicle operation in emergencies such as automatic braking technology, adaptive cruise control, lane assistance, and more. While owning a fully autonomous car may be years down the road, the technology is certainly developing at a rapid pace! 


Infotainment systems vary from auto maker to auto maker, and sometimes between trim levels of different new vehicles. One thing they have all have in common though is that they utilize touchscreen monitors on the dashboard to integrate entertainment and information programs. Many of these systems allow you to pair your smartphone, make calls, listen to music, receive route directions, and more.

If any of these terms confuse you, or if you have any questions about some of the latest technology, let us at Shults Auto Group know! We are more than happy to help you find the latest new car technology and learn how to use it! Stop by any of our Jamestown, Warren, Olean, and Bradford locations to learn more and thanks for choosing Shults!

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