EG TAX PARTNERSHIP | Shults Auto Group

Here at Shults Auto Group, we are committed to ensuring that you get the best deal on a new car purchase. One way we secure these better deals for you is by partnering with local companies and organizations that also put your financial wellness first. That is why we are proud to announce our partnership with EG Tax!

Who is EG Tax?

EG Tax is the premier tax company in Western New York, having filed over 30,000 returns last year. They are committed to helping their clients work through their taxes and understand all of their financial transactions. Through programs like tax planning, budget and FAFSA assistance, and tax return reviews, they work one-on-one with clients to help ensure that their clients not only properly file their taxes, but do so in a low stress environment where they completely understand their financial situation.

Shults Auto Group Partnership

EG Tax representatives are now located at every Shults Auto Group location. Those representatives can help you work through your taxes and to help you to determine what purchasing option best lines up with your financial situation and needs. They can even help you receive a tax refund sooner so that you can drive off the lot with your new vehicle when you need it. Plus, if you use your tax refund towards your down payment for your new or pre-owned car, Shults Auto Group will match it!*

The partnership of EG Tax and Shults Auto Group is just another way we help make the new and used car buying experience as stress free as possible for customers. If you have any tax or financing questions, don't hesitate to stop by your local Shults Auto Group dealership and talk to our friendly finance representatives who will help you understand what new car you can afford. Thanks for choosing Shults Auto Group for all your Southern Tier automotive needs.
*Up to $500