Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles

Though it sounds similar, there are differences between buying used and buying a certified pre-owned vehicle. Certified pre-owned vehicles come with rigorous inspections, a set of requirements, and guaranteed quality. Getting certified pre-owned vehicles in Jamestown, NY couldn't be easier thanks to Shults Auto Group.

Detailed Quality Inspection

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles undergo a rigorous inspection process. This involves over 150-points of inspection, from bumper to bumper, meaning you get a car that is in prime working condition. Not only are our trained and certified technicians looking for leaks, corrosion, or damage, but they're also looking for any parts that are not original to the model. Any discrepancies and the vehicle does not receive certified status.

Our technicians also look at mileage, age, and vehicle history. Any cars that are too old or have been driven too far cannot become certified pre-owned vehicles. Vehicle history, provided by companies like CARFAX, is also important. Any accidents that may have caused serious problems like frame damage mean that a car can't be certified.


Certified pre-owned models also come with extended warranties. You get peace of mind when you're looking to buy a certified vehicle, one of the main reasons people opt for these cars instead of just regular used cars. Certified models often come with a range of warranties to ensure that your car stays properly maintained, and to ensure that any breakdowns are covered. Not to mention that all of our qualifying Shults Certified cars come with a limited lifetime engine warranty. That's reassurance you just can't find anywhere else.

For anyone that's a little hesitant to buy a used car but doesn't want to spend the money that a new car costs, getting a certified vehicle may just be the right option for you. With inspections, higher standards, and added warranties, you're bound to get what you're looking for without having to worry about getting a bad deal.

Check out the certified pre-owned programs offered by different manufacturers in addition to our Shults inspections and gain even more peace of mind when buying a certified pre-owned vehicle.

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