Car Battery Care


Few aspects of your vehicle are as important as the battery. Luckily, there is plenty you can do at home to keep your battery in excellent shape, potentially avoiding a costly repair or much worse.

Here are some basic battery maintenance tips to keep your battery functioning properly.

  • Inspect your battery every now and then, cleaning off corrosion and looking for cracks.
  • While you're doing so, remove the plus cap on top of the battery to check fluid levels. If the fluid is still covering the vertical plates inside, you're good to go.

  • Charge up your battery, especially if you frequently make short trips. You can purchase battery chargers to do so.

  • If you ever take your battery out of your car, be careful not to let it freeze. When not connected to a vehicle, a battery can freeze at temperatures as high as 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

  • Be sure to get your battery tested by a professional every few months - maybe as often as you get your oil changed - and always seek help if something seems wrong. 

If your battery light comes on, indicating an issue, don't wait to have your vehicle evaluated. Get in touch with a service center as soon as possible. For more information on battery care or to have one of our certified experts look at your battery, visit us any time at Shults Auto Group. 

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