FREE CAR APPRAISAL | Shults Auto Group

Looking to purchase a new car but unsure what your current car is worth? Make an appointment at any of our Shults Auto Group locations and we will help you determine the value of your car with a free personal vehicle appraisal. 

Our free appraisal process takes less than 30 minutes and will let you know how much you can expect for your current vehicle when you trade it in for your next car. Here's what to expect from your appraisal appointment:

  1. Turn your keys over to our expert appraiser while you wait in our comfortable waiting areas.
  2. Our appraisal will start with noting the year, make, model, and mileage of your car.
  3. Next, he will do an inspection and look at the vehicle inside and out to see what sort of condition it is in. He will also note any unique options or features your car has including modifications and aftermarket part. 
  4. The appraiser will also get a vehicle history report for your vehicle and check any frame or flood damage. 
  5. The appraiser may want to take your vehicle for a short ride to test its brakes, shocks, and engine. 
  6. Finally, the appraiser looks at the comparable sales market to evaluate the value of your car.

After the appraiser has completed all of these steps, he will then present you with a document that outlines the value of your car. This can help you know how much you need to finance from your next vehicle and how much will receive from your current one. So, stop by your local Shults Auto Group dealership today to get your free car appraisal. It's step one to getting your next new or used car. 

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