All of us that live in Jamestown, NY Olean,NY and Warren, PA know that winter tires are an important part of safe driving from November-April, but in case you needed the reminder, here it is. Winter Tires help prevent you from skidding on icy, snowy roads, making your drive home from work, school, or out to dinner much safer. They help you actually navigate the great outdoors during the winter months and ensure you arrive in one piece. 

The difference between winter tires and all-season tires is that winter tires are designed to combat the slickness caused by snow and ice, whereas all-season tires are designed to grip onto dry roads well. So, why do you need winter tires? Well, obiviously because we live somewhere that there's a lot of snow and ice, but here's a few more reasons why winter tires are so important for your safety. 

Importance of Winter Tires

Winter tires are composed of a different kind of rubber that performs better when it's cold, and the tires themselves are designed with tread that is optimized to drive on ice and snow. Compared to all-season tires, winter tires are proven to dramatically increase traction when accelerating, improving handling when up to speed, and decreasing stopping distance.

Winter tires are also ideal for maximizing the effectiveness of all-wheel drive systems and vehicle safety systems, which require good traction to do their jobs right. They don't create traction themselves, just utilize it!

Winter V. Summer Tires

 Winter tires aren't just better on wet roads-they're better than summer tires in any kind of cold weather, even when it's bone dry, because the rubber stays softer in the cold and is thus better at molding to the ground for good traction. Plus, if you switch out your summer or all-season tires for winter tires when it gets cold and then go back to summer tires in the warm weather, you'll extend the life of both sets of tires.

Stop by one of our local Shults Auto Group service departments to get your car fitted for winter tires today!


Why Purchase Winter Tires?

There are tons of reasons to switch to winter tires. Here's our top two:

1.Avoiding accidents!
2. Switching your tires between winter and all-season or summer tires helps your tires last twice as long since they are only on your vehicle for half the year. 

So why not look into a set of winter tires and look forward to taking as much as thirty feet off your stopping distance on icy roads?