How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

We know that winter in Jamestown, Warren, Bradford, and Buffalo can be harsh, and that these rough conditions cause unique hazards for your vehicle. Left unchecked, these can develop into major problems that can lead to extensive damage, and some pretty serious safety concerns. However, there are many preventative measures you can take:

How to Prepare Your Car for Winter

1. Get up to date on oil changes and any dashboard lights. This is not the season to ignore car maintenance.

2. Evaluate your tires after the summer months, because the heat can wreak havoc on tire pressure and tread. Consider purchasing winter tires as well since they can help you navigate safely in bad conditions. 

3. Make sure that you have enough anti-freeze, which will keep the water in your radiator from freezing and will prevent various malfunctions.

4. Check out your brakes, and make sure they are in the best shape possible. You will want excellent brakes when the roads get snowy.

5. Purchase some windshield wiper fluid designed specifically for snowy muck, and replace your current fluid with it.

6. Lastly, consider stocking your vehicle with a spare pair of boots, an extra set of gloves, some blankets - and any other extras you would like to have, especially in the case of an emergency.
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