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They Have an Experienced Service Department

Wherever you buy your car, it should always come with a service package — particularly a discounted one. This demonstrates the dealer’s commitment to the vehicle.

But a great dealer’s service package is more than a promise tacked onto the end of your agreement. A great dealer’s service package should include experienced staff and excellent service.

So when you ask about your car’s service package, ask a few questions about the dealership’s staff. Then make sure their mobile and online service is up to date.  And finally, ask about protection plans for aftermarket products

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Maintenance Plans — For Used Cars That Act Like New

If you know how to look, you’ll be able to find a dealership that tells you everything about your car before you buy it. But a great dealership keeps your car running well after you buy it — and makes it convenient, too.

A great dealership has as much invested in your new car as you do. And it’s easy to spot one of these dealerships. They know your car’s maintenance is an essential part of its longevity — especially if it’s used. So if they truly want to give you the best value on the car, they…

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